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Basic Plumbing Tools For Every Homeowner

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. While calling an experienced plumber is a good idea – and may be necessary -- there are some basic repairs that you should be able to make without professional aid (don’t tell any of the other Key plumbers we told you, though. Even if you can’t fix the Read the full article →

Here’s a sentence you’ll never hear come out of the mouth of a homeowner: “Oh boy, I just can’t wait to replace and upgrade my piping.” Nobody plans on plumbing replacement, it just kind of happens, and it generally happens when you least expect it. We all prefer to spend our home improvement budget on Read the full article →

Bluewater Plumbing Solutions launched its new website this week. The site highlights the commercial and residential new construction projects recently completed and underway. Galleries throughout the website will allow customers to view and assess the quality of several recent projects, including the plumbing installation for My New Joint at the Square Grouper on Cudjoe Key Read the full article →

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