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Basic Plumbing Tools For Every Homeowner

Plumbing emergencies can happen at any time. While calling an experienced plumber is a good idea – and may be necessary — there are some basic repairs that you should be able to make without professional aid (don’t tell any of the other Key plumbers we told you, though.

Even if you can’t fix the problem, having some basic knowledge and tools can allow you to minimize potential damage before the plumber gets there.

In order to perform these basic fixes, you’ll need the right tools. These tools aren’t expensive and can be found in your local hardware store. You may not need them often, but they can save you a lot of hassle.

Here’s a list of the most basic plumbing tools you’ll need to take care of the simplest problems:

  1. Plunger: While not really the most pleasing sight, a plunger is truly an important tool, especially when it comes to clogs. At the first sign of clog in your toilet or anywhere else, your best line of defense is the plunger. There are two types of plungers available. First is the sink plunger which is mostly a rubber cup shaped like a bowl and attached to a handle. This is used for clogs in sinks, tubs and showers.The second kind of plunger is the toilet plunger which is usually larger and shaped like a mushroom. Same as the previous kind, it’s made of rubber and attached to a long handle.
  2. Adjustable Wrench. This is a really versatile tool used to turn hex-shaped buts on compression fittings, supply lines and other plumbing It is an open-ended wrench with a movable jaw that can fit various-sized nuts and bolts. This kind of wrench comes in different shapes and sizes, but it’s best two get it in two sizes: 6 inches and 10 inches.
  3. Pipe Wrench. Consisting of a heavy metal handle and two serrated jaws, this tool is used for connecting and disconnecting iron pipes and One of the jaws is fixed while the other is adjustable and the distance between them is controlled by a knob.
  4. Pliers. A rather indispensable tool you should have in the toolbox because it’s not only plumbing issues where you’ll need this They can be used in place of a wrench too. They come in handy when you want to grab, pull, twist, hold, as well as tighten or loosen something. Stock two sizes in your plumber’s toolbox: 10 inches and 12 inches.
  5. Plumber’s Snake. Also called a drain snake, this tool can solve the problem a plunger can’t. When your plunger can’t clear the clog, you might have to reach down the drain and the best way to do that is with this It’s around 25 feet long and made of flexible steel cable and can clear obstructions from tubs, showers, sinks, toilets and drain lines.
  6. Hacksaw. You’ll need this to cut through metal pipes, screws, nuts and bolts and PVC

Bluewater Plumbing Solutions is committed to answering your emergency calls, but having these tools in hand allows you to perform the simplest of repairs before the problem escalates.

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